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    "All my portfolios are printed on Entrada. It's necessary that each print stands alone as a piece of art, and it's because of Entrada's weight and feel that my portfolio stands out from the rest."


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How to feed cut sheets of canvas through your printer

Here is a quick rundown of some ideas if you are wanting to print on cut sheets of canvas, such as our Moab Ansazi Canvas:

1) With the adjustable paper guide in place, slightly back off the guide about 1/4 of an inch away from the canvas. This allows the printer to wiggle the media into place.

2) Be sure to use the recommended paper path for canvas on your printer. Most printers do not allow you to use bulk, or cassette paper paths. Most printers require you to use a manual one-at-a-time feeding process.

3) Be sure to use the correct media type in your printer driver, in addition to icc profile. The media type instructs the printer to accept the proper thickness for the media, as well as it instructs the printer on how much ink to place on the media.


Jose Gaytan explores the Gowanus landscape

Jose Gaytan photo by Ángel Franco/The New York TimesWe always love to see friends in the news, even more so when they have the vision and talent of Jose Gaytan. In Moab, we tend to surround ourselves with the beauty of the southwest landscape with its blue skies and turbulent rock scapes, it's almost cheating because it doesn't take much talent to find a breathtaking scene. Jose on the other hand, has spent the last seven years exploring what surrounds him and using his vision to create those moments which after time begin to paint a new reality. His photos of "Brooklyn’s famous mile-and-a-half long canal (Gowanus), photographing moments of serenity, color and even beauty amid the decaying postindustrial landscape" are a testament to his talent for finding the surreal beauty of his landscape.

His photos will be featured in the Brooklyn Public Library’s main branch through Aug 29 in an exhibit titled, “Brooklyn in Transition: A Photographic Essay of the Gowanus.”

Read more about this exhibition, view photos and the learn about the artist at the New York Times' Lens Blog or on Jose's site


Scott Sheppard interviews Moab founder at WPPI 2008 (repost)



Greg Schern, President, The Moab Paper Company, joins host Scott Sheppard live from his WPPI 2008 Booth to discuss how photographers can produce impactful images for their clients using a variety of Moab's paper stock. Moab papers are easy to use and come with their own ICC printer output profiles.


Rippin' it ...

The art of making prints is changing and although it still can be said that the art of printing is just that, an art perfected by only a few, the human element can often be void from a fine print produced digitally. The easy misconception for many viewers and buyers is that it simply requires a push of a button to create and reproduce a masterpiece. In a society of immediate gratification, the perceived value of a digital print has evaporated without the clear evidence of the human touch. Reintroducing small unreproducible or at least non-mechanized embellishments to a print is a great way to remind the viewer of the artisan behind the print.

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Accurate, Excellent, and Consistent Inkjet Printing with Will Crocket from

Master photographer and photographic guru Will Crockett of has created this fantastic video explaining how he achieves color consistency from screen to print and the tools he uses to keep his commercial photography studio humming.

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