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Acido Dorado: Illusions on Slickrock Metallic Silver

Based in Los Angeles, Mona Kuhn is acclaimed for her contemporary and intimate depictions of the nude. In Acido Dorado: Illusions, she takes the human form in a new direction by blurring the demarcation between figure and abstraction. Here, Kuhn shifts focus to integrate completely the female nude as another element of her raw material merged with light, shadow, and architecture, to create an intimate, mirage-like vignette.

Acido Dorado: Illusions was photographed at architect Robert Stone's secluded glass house located in California's Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree. Inspired by the early autumn light and elongated shadows in the desert at the beginning and the end of the day, the resulting prints are imbued with a fluid, dreamy palette of yellow, gold and blue. Kuhn's collaboration with The Lapis Press introduced her to a process that ultimately gave the images a radiance that complements the shimmering, reflective quality of the images.

"Acido Dorado: Illusions is from an abstracted series, where I blended landscape, figure and architectural lines into one plane of reflective surface. I photographed inside a glass house in the middle of the desert, where the light and reflections would mirror all over its surface."

- Mona Kuhn


Photoplus PDN Galleries

Moab Paper is proud to sponsor the Photoplus 2014 PDN Galleries. The 2014 Photoplus Expo galleries, presented by Photo District News is printed on Entrada Rag Bright 300. Be sure to stop by the Galleries at the Expo to view prints of 'The Look', 'Taste' and 'The Curator'. 


Promega Fall Art Showcase with Norman Seeff

Los Angeles

Mick had the idea of the Stones coming down the ramp of a ship ‘defecting’ to France – for tax reasons. Rather than risk shooting at the Long Beach docks, I decided to build a set. The session began at midnight. One of my assistants, in period costume, impulsively turned to kiss Mick and lost her footing and they both came down. I captured a sequence of shots that we turned into postcards of classic ‘Stones’ moments.

Norman Seeff

Moab Master, Norman Seeff, is exhibiting in the Fall Art Showcase from October 7 – January 2, 2015 at the Promega. Norman Seeff is displaying his images of the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Mick Jagger, KISS and more fascinating images.


Not Just Another Pretty Picture



Harold Davis: An Eclectic Collection

Moab Master, Harold Davis, is very excited to be exhibiting at Arts & Friends, a photography gallery in Heidelberg, Germany. The show, Harold Davis: An Eclectic Collection, will display two large prints, one on Slickrock Silver and Metallic Pearl. There are roughly twenty other prints in the show of varying sizes, printed on Awagami Kozo Washi, Slickrock Pearl and Lasal Exhibition Luster. All the prints are monochromatic. The exhibit runs from October 18 through November 16, 2014.