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Scenes from a Spacewalk- A Starry Night at the National Air and Space Museum

Enjoy an exclusive after-hours program at the National Air and Space Museum's newest exhibition:Outside the Spacecraft. Immerse yourself in the gallery's artifacts and artwork through creative activities and one-on-one conversations with the exhibition curator, featured artist, and an astronaut—all while indulging in cocktails and hors d'oeuvres inspired by the exhibition.

While most of us will never wear a spacesuit to repair the Space Station or use a tether to stay attached to a spacecraft, this rather unnatural line of work inspires and fascinates us. Join exhibition curator Jennifer Levasseur, art photographer and author Michael Soluri, and a very special guest, NASA associate administrator for science and former astronaut John Grunsfeld, to hear musings on their work, and experience the rich visuals created from it. Witness how reflections within the artwork can change our experience of it and set off on a challenge to find those reflections. Discover more about living and working in space with our Education team, and do not miss the opportunity to get into gear for your spacewalk photo op.

Tickets: $35, cost of admission includes a light food and beverage reception.
All discounted tickets have sold out. A limited number of regular tickets are still available.


Illuminated Ground- The Fine Art Photography of Michael Zide

"What is fine art? How do we distinguish works of fine art from other photographic pursuits? It’s a muddled issue at best. These days, there is no end to the stunning and artfully constructed photography work to be seen in print, online, or in galleries. Many of these photos captivate us with their beauty, and inspire us with ingenuity, imagination and their craftsmanship. Regardless of how narrow our particular area of photographic interest, arresting examples can be found by typing a few key words into your computer’s search engine. The level and range of creativity and originality has never been higher."

-Michael Zide

 View Michael Zide's Manfrotto Tutorial, Illuminated Ground


Moab Takes on Nashville

Visit Booth 768 at Imaging USA in Nashville, TN on February 1-3. 


Making the Artisanal Inkjet Print

Moab Master, Harold Davis, was recently asked by an art gallerist he works with to help educate some clients regarding his printmaking. Essentially the issues come down to exploring how his prints differ from mass-produced inkjet prints, since largely the same equipment is used. In contrast to those you get from Costco or giclees from an art reproduction company, Harold's prints require a great deal of hand labor. Harold's FAQ: Prints by Harold Davis covers much of this ground, and the following discussion helps put things in perspective.

Harold Davis answers many questions frequently asked by printmakers such as:

What printer do you use? How long does it take you to make a print? Are your prints limited editions? Do you hand sign your prints? Is a certificate of authenticity available? And our personal favorite: What papers do you use?

Discover Harold's printmaking insight and perspective.