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Olympus Photo Contest and Test Drive

Glazer's Camera and Olympus Imaging are offering a free 3-day test drive and photo contest. The theme is "Fall in the Northwest". Enter to Win up to over $575 in prizes from Olympus Imaging and Moab Paper. Winners to be announced at evening reception on November 17, 2015.  All Entries will be printed on our new Juniper Baryta Rag

See here for official rules and how to enter.


Looking Glass Printing Demo


 Saturday, October 3rd 

Berkeley, California 

Join Moab Paper at Looking Glass Photo & Camera for our anniversary of our entire line together. Bring one of your favorite digital images and we will print it on the Moab Paper of your choice. Come prepared wtih all your digital printing questions for our tech master. Don't forget to ask about our new award winning Juniper Baryta Rag


Death Valley Photography Workshops With Salvatore Vasapolli

March 2-5, 2016
Death Valley, California Workshop

The name, Death Valley, evokes a land hot and forbidden but for photographers it is a land of discovery! Temperatures are mild and range from 60's-90's degrees F.  From the lowest point in North America to the top of it's snowy mountain ranges lies unbounded opportunities of photogenic subjects of salt flats, sand dunes, volcanic cones, borax and gold mines even ancient indian rock art.  The workshop is timed for the best chances of shooting wildflowers. We visit infamous named places like the Devil's Racetrack where mysteriously rocks leave trails of their movement yet no one has ever seen them move! Devil's Corn Patch is where demons harvest their foul inedible growths of poisonous Mesquite. A trip to Badwater takes us to the lowest place on the northern continent. It is a land of poisonous salt water pools. We also visit Artist's Palete, Zabriskie Point, Dante's View and other  well known habitats. Desert and mountain animals abound, such as the Roadrunner, Mule Deer, Mountain Sheep, Burro's (left from the miners working the silver and gold mines) Pupfish, Bobcats, Desert Tortoise, Horned and other lizards and snakes abound! If you are a beginning photographer, here is the place to start working on compositional techniques! If you are a season professional, this is a place to add unique stock for your clients!

Click here for more information on The Death Valley Workshop.


Happy World Photography Day


Slickrock Pearl for Architectural Project

Bill Diodato, a New York based commercial photographer and client, requested large format prints that would be featured in the lobby of an architectural renovation project from Jim Roselli at Xact Studio

As part of Jim's workflow, he always requests the highest resolution image available for review before hand.  In this case, Bill captured the images with a Hasselblad 503CW camera with a Carl Zeis 50mm CFi lens and a PhaseOne IQ260 Digital Back.  This extraordinary combination of equipment delivered an extremely detailed file to work with.

Bill was asking for my recommendation on which media to use for printing. Once I saw his images, I immediately knew these would look remarkable on the Slickrock Metallic Pearl, which is now one of my most favorite medias from Moab.

Slickrock Metallic has very unique properties with regards to refracting and reflecting light.  It has a very clear luminosity that emanates from direct, indirect and ambient light sources.  When clients first view a print rendered on Slickrock, they usually comment on how it seems to be self-illuminated.

Bill’s creativity with regards to image processing yielded images that were in absolute harmony with the media. Each image was composed from selectively layering two photos creating a positive and negative effect.

-Jim Roselli

The images are now on display in the newly renovated lobby of 433 West 34th St. in Manhattan, New York.  

433 is a pre-war apartment building designed by the noted architects Bing & Bing who are known for their art deco architectural style.

The 44” X 68” Slickrock Metallic prints were made on an Epson 9900 printer.