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    Photo: Andy Biggs

    "All my portfolios are printed on Entrada. It's necessary that each print stands alone as a piece of art, and it's because of Entrada's weight and feel that my portfolio stands out from the rest."


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Moab Teams Up With Canon Pixma Pro


To celebrate, Canon will be giving away printers, cameras, pro football tickets and more.

The gallery will have signed giveaway prints for you to enjoy.

And the Pixma PRO demo area will have fresh prints on a bunch of Moab Papers including Slickrock Metallic Silver and Lasal Exhibition Luster



As You See It: Finding Your Creative Voice


Moab Paper is proud to sponsor "As You See It", a summer Maine Media workshop to enhance your fine art photography with Moab Master, Michael Zide, and Jim Roselli. The two photo educators will be providing in-depth instruction from image capture through fine art image output. Don't miss out on the amazing opportunity to integrate your photographic vision, capture, post-processing and presentation techniques through your images. With Moab Paper giveaways and tips on printing with Canon Pixma Pro-1 Professional Inkjet Printers, the in-depth workshop offers a great deal of successful image-making!



Register Here!

Where: Maine Media, Rockport, ME

When: July 13-19th

Levels: Intermediate and Advanced


Try My Photo with Moab extended

If you haven't had a chance to see what your image looks like on Moab's Slickrock Metallic Pearl or Entrada Rag Bright on Canon's new PIXMA PRO-1 printer, you still have a chance.

Canon extended (through October 31st) the two Moab papers in their Try My Photo program, which allows photographers to upload an image to Canon's TMP site to have it printed on the new PIXMA printer.

It's fun, pretty cool and FREE.


PhotoPlus Expo - Day One from the floor

Blogging from a very crowded show floor on day one of PPE.  The buzz has been SLICKROCK.  This is a shot of our Slickrock Metallic room featuring large format prints on the new Slickrock Metallic Pearl.  It's a paper that really causes pause.  You find yourself staring at the image wondering what's going on. The photos pop off the paper.

The other buzz at the show is the new Canon PIXMA PRO-1 printer.  The new professional 13" printer officially launched today in the US.  We were fortunate enough to get our Moaby hands on this machine a few weeks ago to test and build profiles, and we can honestly say the PIXMA PRO-1 is a phenomenal printer.  The crazy amount of detail the printer is capable of reproducing is breathtaking.  

If you're at the show, stop by our booth to see the PRO-1 in action spitting out prints on Slickrock for you to take home.

Did I mention profiles for the PRO-1?  Yup, we got 'em.