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Epson's NEW 4900 and we have the profiles

If you're like us and are one of the lucky few to have scored the new Epson 4900 printer, then you're going to love the new profiles we just loaded up to our ICC Profile download page.  And we have to tell you, the profiles are pretty awesome.  

We usually get our paws on most of the new printers prior to their release, enabling you to use your favorite Moab paper with our profiles as soon as you hook the puppy up.  

Not to toot our own horn (twice now in this post), but we spend countless hours building and tweaking our own profiles to give you the absolute best printing results. Haven't tried them yet? What are you waiting for?


Somerset Museum Rag wins Hot One Award

We're pretty excited to announce that our very own Somerset Museum Rag 300 won a Hot One award from Professional Photographer magazine. Details will be published in the March issue of the magazine and will also appear on their website.  

Anyone who's ever printed on Somerset Museum Rag knows what an amazing paper this really is. Haven't tried it yet?  Take it for a test drive on us. Simply send us an email (include your address) and we'll send you a sample.


Robert Farber exhibition at the Frost Art Museum

Robert Farber has been a long-time friend of Legion and Moab, so we're especially excited to promote his upcoming exhibition on January 26, 2011 at the Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida.

Entitled, My Eyes Have Seen, this collection of Farber's work is described as "an impressionistic journey of sublime photographic imagery that evokes timeless emotion and takes the viewer into aesthetic realms."  Loosely translated, this collection represents some of the most beautiful images ever photographed by one of America's iconic fine art photographers.

As an added bonus the entire exhibition is printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet 330 paper.


Heading South for ImagingUSA

We're on our way to San Antonio, Texas for the ImagingUSA show that kicks off on Sunday, January 16th.  We were hoping for a winter weather break, but from the looks of the past week, we're not too sure that's going to happen...

If you plan to attend the show come on over and say hi to us.  We'll be waaaaaaaay in the back of the convention hall in booth #1445 along with our buddies, Museo.  

As a special bonus for making it over to our booth we'll have something really cool to show you.  Can't tell you about it here, but it will be well worth the trip.




Young Photographer's Alliance Exhibition

Moab is a proud sponsor of the Young Photographer's Alliance (YPA) - an educational foundation dedicated to rallying the resources of the creative community and general public in support of young talent.  

On Friday, January 14th the first public exhibition of work by the 38 mentees in the 2010 YPA mentoring program will be on display at the Calumet Gallery in NYC (22 W 22nd Street, 2nd Floor).  The exhibition runs through January 28th.  Entry is free. 

Leading photographers shared their creativity and passion for photography with a group of talented college students through a unique mentoring program built around the social theme, "Answering Adversity."

All the images on display were printer on Moab's Lasal Photo Luster 270