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21st Editions, Robert Farber, and Goethe's Theory of Colours



12 numbered copies
10 bound and 8 loose pigment-ink prints
1 original aluminum dye-sublimation print presentation in buffalo and silk

All printed on Juniper Baryta Rag

Robert Farberspent much of the ‘80s and ‘90s photographing the fashion industry’s leading super models in Kodachrome and Agfachrome. But a storage mishap exposed some of that film to the elements. Colors bled and chemicals went awry. Farber took his time observing the process as it unfolded. Then, he selected the moment when the flaws in front of him bore their own aesthetic perfection and the metamorphosis was complete. So began Farber’s new series, Deteriorations—an extraordinary addition to an already formidable legacy.

Premiere release of Robert Farber's Deteriorations. Collier Brown pairs Farber with one of the greatest treatises on color ever written: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Farbenlehre (1810), translated by Charles Eastlake as Theory of Colours (1840).

The skill with which 21st Editions combines word, image, and binding has no parallel in the world of fine art publication. Over the years, publisher Steven Albahari has collaborated with some one-hundred artisans, writers and poets. And with each project, the standard of bookmaking has been elevated. This new collaboration with Robert Farber pushes those limits even further. The “1998 - 2016” collection now complete, 21st Editions proudly introduces COLOUR, one of four new titles in a second major collection. 

This elegant, silk and leather bound edition contains eighteen bold color pigment prints on Juniper Baryta Rag as well as a dye-sublimation print on aluminum. The master-binding and box design reflect the book’s major themes and the dye-sublimation print bound in black buffalo skin presents itself as its own table or mantle display. COLOUR will be published in an edition of eighteen (18), of which only ten (10) will be for sale.

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